If you are looking for a Chapel Hill Chiropractor, then you need to look no further than the Chapel Hill Chiropractic Centre.  We’ve Got Your Back!”

Our doctors know how to eliminate pain faster than drugs, surgery, and painful rehab programs!  Why?  Because we combine Chiropractic and physical therapies together, giving you the benefit of  both proper alignment and muscle support!

Most people feel like health problems are getting in the way of their lives and are unsatisfied with the standard approach of drugs and surgery that many conventional doctors choose.  There are clearly safer methods to seek first before choosing a treatment that may be irreversible or permanent.  Chapel Hill Chiropractic Centre offers just that…A safe, effective form of pain relief which improves the health of your nervous system, including muscles, joints, organs, and every bodily process that requires nerves to function…

You may already know this, but…Nerves Control Everything! 

If you are unsure of whether you are a Chiropractic case, then it’s time you visited the Chapel Hill Chiropractic Centre!  Our services are available for patients of all ages with a broad spectrum of health complaints.  If Chiropractic is not appropriate for you, we will gladly refer you to the proper health professional.  To learn more about the conditions we treat, please read Why Choose Us.

The reason that you’re having symptoms is that your body is unable to heal itself…

It means something is wrong and your body is trying to let you know by giving you symptoms (i.e. pain, headaches, hot flashes, fatigue…)  Dr. Fox and Dr. Wolfe can help your body regain proper balance so that you can heal.  When your body heals, the symptoms of the imbalance will go away.

This process of balancing involves adjustments to your skeletal system, muscles, your nutritional and endocrine system, your diet, exercise regimen and other specific needs as they arise…After all, Everything in the Body is Connected.

As Chiropractors and holistic health practitioners, Dr. Ryan Fox and Dr. Suzanne Wolfe will listen to you and your body carefully, designing a tailor-made treatment to correct, not patch, the problems causing the symptoms you are experiencing; in a non-invasive, safe and effective manner.

Our Doctors have witnessed improvement and complete healing of many chronic and intractable conditions in scores of people.  Many who suffer have come to Dr. Fox and Dr. Wolfe after they have tried everything including ignoring the problem, taking drugs and even painful surgery and wish they had used Chiropractic first.