There are many reasons people suffer from back and neck pain. The most common reason is overuse of the muscles in the neck and back region. Repeated or prolonged use can create a misalignment of the spine and generate pain throughout the entire body. The spine is one of the most complex areas of your body, with almost every nerve in your system running through it. Muscles connected to a region of the spine that is misaligned can spasm and tighten. This tightening is believed to be a defense mechanism of the body to protect the spine, and spinal cord within it, from injury. Bad posture and repetitive motions with a bad posture are the most common cause of misalignments that happen in the spine.
Many people let spinal problems go uncorrected. They hope that if they wait long enough their pain will just go away. In many cases it does go away temporarily, but the misalignment that is causing the problem is still there. Over time that area can become aggravated, and the pain will return. Over time without correction, the problem can become much more serious.

Solutions in the Spine for Back & Neck Pain – Spinal Joint Function

Spinal Joint Dysfunction occurs when bone in the spinal column is out of place, blocking the flow of the nerves that run through its path. This dysfunction can create problems with your muscles and tissues that are innervated by the affected nerves.

Once your spinal column is aligned and the nerves are working well, the signals from your brain are sent to your muscles and tissues with ease, allowing your body to perform all its functions properly. An aligned spine can rid you of your pain and discomfort.

Our drug-free approach identifies the dysfunctional spinal joints and then aligns them. This improves your ability to move and perform all the daily activities that you would like with no pain. Then you can enjoy a more successful and fulfilling quality of life.